How does the POCKET MASTER attach?

It’s a quick, easy set-up to attach the POCKET MASTER Pocket & Sleeve Printing Attachment with the two thumb screws to the shirt pallet and you’re ready to print a pocket on a t-shirt or other tiny items enabling flash cure and multi-color imprints. Raise the off-contact 3/4”. If your screen printer does
not adjust to 3/4”, place a spacer between the underside of the screen and the screen clamp.

POCKET MASTER attached to screen printing pallet set up to print the pocket of a t-shirt

What are the product specs?

Construction: 11 gauge Stainless Steel
Platen Dimensions:  3 5/8″ x 5 3/8″
Attachment: 2 Thumbnail screws to bottom of pallet
Compatibility:  Manual screen printers